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It doesn't matter where you are in your journey key questions often remain unanswered and as an athlete or parent its difficult to be objective in your decisions regarding training and recovery. Schedule a call with our team to discuss your goals. We'll make sure you're pointed in the right direction. If you prefer less talk and more action then click HERE to book your assessment and leap onto the first step of changing your performance trajectory. Not quite sure yet? READ MORE to understand our assessment process.

We get to the ROOT of everything that is holding you back, rapidly fix it, and get you the results you want so you can be free of pain and injuries while improving your performance, fitness, and health at every level eliminating your Weak L.I.N.K. Read More


Axon Sport Performance believes that you should never compete, you should DOMINATE! We have the system so that regardless of age, activity, or ability you will see amazing results.


Click to schedule an appointment to get started 




We provide world class coaching solutions with scientific training principles and methods backed by a time-tested movement system with proven results.


When you join the AXON family, you will receive a 100% individualized training program designed based on your current abilities orchestrated for your current needs, while addressing your future goals, and long-term performance development.


Your program will be curated and delivered by your hand-picked and expertly trained AXON coach in our powerful mobile app. Each training plan is developed within scientific principles that are the backbone of the AXON Sport Performance system. The very same principles we use daily and has helped our athletes obtain 17 Olympic medals, 9 World Championship medals, and over 280+ Collegiate scholarships (many to Division I Universities)


 We believe coaching is a process and more than a program.

Once you become join the AXON family, exceeding your goals become our main objective. There’s a comfort inherent in having a team in your corner to provide you with the support and honest feedback essential to your success. 

Way beyond the expected ups and downs of training cycles, we are here to promote long-term complete and total growth and development.



Poor activation and recruitment, leading to knee instability. 




Weak VMO, hyper mobility, potential MCL Sprain 


Tight psoas on right side causing glute shutdown destabilizing the hip. 


Weak toe flexors contributing to faulty proprioception and ankle instability 


Tight Cervical Flexors

Most only recognize the end result, but we go deeper. 
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