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Axon Sport Performance has redefined the process of training. We focus on improving Speed, Strength, and Flexibility for individuals with an Elite Mindset. 

Our systemized training programs benefit ALL individuals no matter their age, activity, or ability. Our programs are custom designed based on our specific training protocols creating the ideal environment to test, push and develop you in every possible way.

Take a quick look at some members of our team and put a face to the names that like yours aspire to unparalleled greatness and will become legendary.

Coach John Williams



Motivated by the art of mastery, John's wealth of knowledge and relentless hours of training experience have given him the eye for detail. With his ability to spot deficiencies, at first sight, he is able to skillfully apply the principles of science to each person he works with and create unbelievable results. Want coach John to train you? click HERE 

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