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Affiliate             Education
The AXON PRO Practitioner Level 1 builds and expands upon the information and subject matter covered in the AXON Pro certification coursework.

The AXON PRO Practitioner Level 1 student learns to identify which programs, frequencies, and movements are essential to unlocking each of the individual’s ability to heal, recover, and perform at the highest levels their biology will allow.

Improvements in these areas greatly impact the individuals’ success at work, home, and in their sporting environment. Using a variety of protocols and exercise modalities, the AXON PRO Practitioner Level 1 student is able to customize an effective training/recovery plan to suit each client, regardless of ability and skill level.

All instruction is based on an integrated holistic model for assessing movement disorder, neurological dysfunction, and compensatory movement patterns. In this course, Level 1’s will learn how to identify which systems of the body must be upregulated /downregulated and balanced using the i-Myo Pro to create synergy and well-being as part of a PRO-fessionally designed exercise program.

AXON PRO Practitioner Level 1 Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand and apply the AXON WEAK L.I.N.K.  Assessment protocol

  2. Learn the AXON, integrated model of i - Myo Pro EMS applications and interventions for the 5 common areas of dysfunction.

  3. Design Level I injury recovery and exercise programs based on the specific needs of each client.

Prerequisites (must be completed 30 days before the course)

  • Completion of AXON PRO Athletic Foundations course, (formerly AXON certification Level I course) including the exam.

  • Current status as an AXON PRO Institute-Trained Professional

  • Balanced Mind Beautiful Body

  • EMS for Dummies??

  • Current or paid in full status on all tuition payments 

What you'll learn 
How we teach it 

Coursework and assignments are delivered virtually through the AXON educational platform and will be accessible to you anytime giving you total control over how and when you learn. 

          -Mentees are expected to complete each section of the syllabus in a timely fashion in order to keep up with the progressions of the live discussions.

          -Mentees are expected to initiate side discussions based on course material and assignments with other mentees during the process, identifying areas of the material in which they are seeking additional insight and possible collaboration of ideas.

Webinars are held bi-weekly to discuss specific areas of the month’s assignments and curriculum including case study, presentations, and review. 


Webinars will be available on-demand and accessed via the members-only area.*

        *Further details will be provided upon enrollment


Periodic tests and passing grades on the final exam(s) are required before satisfactory course completion is awarded. Therefore, your Level I credentials will be withheld if you fail to meet the above requirements.     

How we win... TOGETHER 
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What you Get 

24 hr access 

Access our online learning portal anytime, from anywhere on any device so you learn on your schedule.


Coachng, follow -up and support, activities and feedback from the AXON team.


Activities and assessments with feedback and input from our instructors.


Discussions, forums and interaction with colleagues from all over the world.

Your investment 
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