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Think, React, Move... Do Everything 


6  Minutes to Optimize

Your Brains' Performance

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Meet Neurotracker 

Used by elite athletes and military Special Forces to rapidly elevate human performance.

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"We overload in our workouts so that the game slows down in real life, It helps you become a smarter player." Curry explained that training his perceptive abilities, 'neurocognitive efficiency' with neurotracker, has helped him hone in and give him more control while on the court.

- Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors


NeuroTracker has the ability to transform your brain performance, regardless of your starting point. The power of the technology is the reason AXON has adopted it as a part of its system. "If it wasn't the best, we wouldn't use it." - Coach John  W. AXON Sport Performance

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“We spend a lot of time working on our bodies, it’s equally important to have your mind operating on a high level. That’s key as a quarterback, to be able to see things and how they relate to each other really quickly, I think that’s exactly what NeuroTracker helps you do. I use it all year-round.”

- Matt Ryan, 2016 NFL MVP  Atlanta Falcons



Because of the Coronavirus you've been restricted and have limited access to facilities. You still have the opportunity to train now like you've never done before, and make HUGE gains. 

Who uses Neurotracker 




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As a pro player, it's a big help knowing that I have an easy way to improve my reaction, recognition, and accuracy. These guys have it figured out. - Serron Noel NHL Florida Panthers

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  • NeuroTracker boosts the mental skills that are key in human performance.

  • Science shows that superior cognitive abilities give elite athletes a competitive edge.

  •  NeuroTracker training directly improves awareness and decision-making performance.


BOOST Your brain performance daily,

for less than a cup of coffee. 


Our training programs focus on specific training through cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive program that increases brain speed, decision making confidence, and overall health to help athletes achieve new levels of brain performance.

In this chaotic period, it is more important than ever that we look at

the things that allow us the ability to continue moving forward and our

Brain Training Program was designed specifically for that!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to talk to anyone or "meet" my coach?

Once you have done your assessment your training program will automatically begin and you will have the ability to get started immediately. No need to meet with anyone and most importantle no delays in getting you on your way to improving your brain function. Your coach will monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed.

What happens after I sign up?

You will receive a confirmation email from us with instruction on getting logged in and setting ups your profile. Once you receive your Glasses you can then take your initial baseline assessment.

What do my workout sessions look like? How long, How often etc.?

Sessions after the initial assessment will be done 3x a week they will take 6-10 min to complete. They will vary over time as each individual will progress at a different rate and have different requirements.

Do I need any equipment?

Everything you need will be delivered to you. Aside from a screen and active internet connection which will allow you to take the program anywhere you go you will receive a pair of specialized glasses (included with your subscription) to be used with the training software.

Is this a generic program?

No none of our programs are generic. In fact the program grows and adapts to your needs through our cutting edge Artificial Intelligence. We also have a coached programs available which can be adapted to your Specific Sport and positional needs though most of our athletes don't require this, it is available.

How often do I train, and how long are the sessions?

6-10 min sessions done 3 times a week

How is this program training my brain?

Well that's a short question with a potentially long answer :) We'll take a crack at simplifying it for you. Neurotracker enhances cognitive (brain) function by using the eyes to challenge the brain to work at increasing levels of difficulty all while maintaining focus and attention. Neurotracker has been scientifically proven to one of only two technologies of their kind in the world that have demonstrated both near and far transfer (far transfer = transfer of skill improvements in training, directly to sport or activity) of skills and cognitive improvements.

Outwork and Outlast the competition with the

AXON SPORT PERFORMANCE brain training program. Our team of performance experts will monitor your program that supplements your sports training, helping you create and maintain your optimal performance.



Up to 20 Training sessions/ Month

This training package will consist of up to 5 training sessions per week.



Cognitive Upgrade 
- Better Brain Function
- Make faster, better decisions
- Better reaction time
- Stay Focused LONGER