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AXON Injury Recovery System 



Many recovery/rehab programs focus on generalized programming which targets symptoms instead of the root cause of an injury. The apparent goal is to get the athlete “healthy enough” to return to sport.  The issue with this approach is that it leaves the individual at risk for re-injury since the root cause of the problem has not been thoroughly addressed.  Essentially, using this treatment model, when the activity levels return to normal the athlete can/will get injured...again. Not at AXON.

Movement freedom begins with A.I.R.S.

The Axon Injury Recovery System (A.I.R.S.) has a different approach.  A.I.R.S. is designed specifically to identify and address the true origin of the injury.  It goes even further by also identifying all of the contributing players involved in the injury.  Using scientifically based principles, we focus on complete healing in three steps:





Every athlete undergoes our Weak L.I.N.K. protocol. It is our thorough head-to-toe assessment that allows us to pinpoint the source of injury, all of its contributors, and any other performance limiters/dysfunctions that are delaying your healing, restraining your performance, and/or putting you at risk for additional or recurring injuries.  Read enough?                                 








Next, we create a customized injury recovery program that is designed to specifically challenge these areas and promote growth, improvement, and function.





Finally, we push and drive you in a demanding environment with the expectation of 100% effort and output at all times.  Afterall, your injury cannot be healed without action on your part.


Every injury recovery program is designed specifically for each individual based on their own genetic expression. Specifically, who they are, what they are trying to accomplish, and most importantly what they need.  A.I.R.S. has successfully accelerated recovery from virtually all forms of injury:

·         Pre-surgical injuries

·         Post-surgical injuries

·         Acute injuries (e.g. new or fresh injuries)

·         Chronic injuries (e.g. recurring or long-term injuries)

·         Incomplete injuries (e.g. “not quite right”, “never felt the same after the injury”)

·         Nagging aches and pains (mild, moderate, or severe OR e.g. pain in the knee, hip, shoulder, etc.)

·         Chronic tightness (e.g. “my hamstrings are always tight”)


What’s even more amazing is with the addition of A.I.R.S. in their program, many of our clients exhibit more strength and better performance than before the injury! 





"After the sessions today, pain level is down to a 2 [out of 10] and the knee feels stronger and I feel more balanced. Thank you so much!"   – Jessica Penne, Pro MMA Fighter

 Unfortunately, we didn't know AXON before my injury then and I found myself looking for a great recovery / therapy option after surgery to repair my achilles rupture. After my second session [in A.I.R.S.] I had regained 20% more range of motion and no pain. After the 6th session, I was walking without support, totally weight bearing and beginning to see the size returning to my calf. This was only 6 weeks post op. All I can say is that it was pretty amazing and I am so thankful that I found you [AXON] ."

–Samisha Powell, Basketball Player.

"After struggling with hamstring injuries over the previous 4 seasons; three visits is all it took to get back on the diamond full time and be pain free. I still can't believe it but you guys are amazing!"

– Johnny W. H.S. Baseball

We have a proven track record of accelerating complete recovery from injuries in all types of athletes and individuals from working professionals to Olympic athletes... don’t let an injury hold you back any longer!


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