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Presents:  The  - Myo Pro

The i-Myo Pro is a portable training device that uses electricity to get your body the speed, strength, and muscle tone that you’ve always wanted.  With this device, not only can you get the results you want much faster than other workout programs, but you can also train at your own pace no matter the place.


Run faster, improve your agility, elevate your athletic performance

With unique frequencies and specialized programming, the i-Myo Pro stimulates your CNS and targets your fast twitch muscle fibers training them to be more explosive and produce more power.  The result is faster runs, better agility, and increased athletic performance at your fingertips.

gemara williams.JPG

“John and his team did an incredible job fixing my hamstring injury that I was plagued with for 4 months. The team couldn't do anything with it and said I should take karate to become more flexible. 4 weeks later I dropped my 40 time from 3.95 to a 3.80 I was able to play and train injury free. ”

— Gemara Williams 

CB New England Patriots

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Build muscle, lift more weight make massive strength gains.

Can you imagine lifting 3 times your one rep max every minute just by pushing a button? The i-Myo Pro contracts your muscles at a rate of over 300 times per minute applying 100 times more tension to your muscles.  This simulates you lifting an extremely heavy weight multiple times per minute something your body could never do on its own! 

The result: you build muscle, lift more weight, and are

stronger than you’ve ever been before.

Nicole Albuquerque 2013_edited.JPG

“Using the i-Myo Pro has taken me from a decent 245lb deadlift to a 365lb deadlift in only 4 weeks. The crazy thing is we never deadlifted with more than 135 the entire time. The i-Myo Pro provided so much stimulation that my body actually thought it was lifting the weight. To me that's absolutely sick”

— Nicole Davis 

Sprinter 60/100m

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Make your muscles pop, reveal your 6-pack, completely transform your body.

The i-Myo Pro’s ability to massively stimulate muscle mass causes significantly greater amounts of work to be done in the same or less time causing a huge metabolic demand. This allows your body to still torch massive calories hours after your training has ended. That means more work plus more calories burned equals a leaner, stronger, and ripped you!

TJ Dillishaw
TJ Dillishaw

“The i-Myo Pro has allowed me to be able to train harder, because I am recovering better and I burn calories like crazy. The "PRO" combined with my nutrition are my secret weapons. 

— TJ Dillashaw 

UFC MMA Lightweight Champion 

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“After two children my abs were weak. After training on the "PRO" not only did my abs work better but I noticed more definition and tone. I got more excited and added two more training days per week and that's when things began to change in a hurry. It's awesome how you can train with this machine and in 20 minutes get better results than training conventionally for an hour; I can't say enough about it, this machine is amazing!”

— Monique Davis 

Stay at home mother of two

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Get Faster, Get Stronger and Get Ripped

Trancend your training at the push of a button

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