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As a tour player, I travel a lot and having Axon's expert guidance helping me to prepare and protect my body so I can maximize my performance on the court, has helped take my game to another level. - Taylor Townsend WTA Professional

Been working with these guys since 09' and the hard part was when I spent large amounts of time on the road. I'm pumped to have this option and it is helping to keep me in the game longer.

- Donald Young Jr. ATP Professional


You have the opportunity to train now like you've never done before, and make HUGE gains while your opponents are on "Break"



  • Improve your performance and reach your true potential.

  • Same training programs we use with our Professionals and Olympians. 

  • All exercises and methods are tailored to maximize your speed and strength.

When I think about all of the things that a player like myself new to the tour has to learn and manage it's sometimes pretty scary. Fortunately, the one thing I never have to worry about is my training. It's always a few clicks away.

- Kiranpal "KP" Pannu ATP Professional

More about our Virtual Program 

Our tennis training programs focus on highly specific training through cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive program that builds speed, power, confidence and overall health to help athletes achieve new levels of performance.

In this chaotic period, it is more important than ever that we look at

the things that allow us the ability to continue moving forward and our

Virtual Training Program was designed specifically for that!  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I train "Virtually?"

Great question. Think of training virtually like training on your own with two major differences. 1. When you join our Virtual training program you immediately have access to world class coaches and proven results associated with our 20+ years of coaching individuals of all levels through various stages of physical training. 2. Additionally you are able to free yourself of the challenges of creating, monitoring, and progressing a training plan, no matter what your location allows and regardless of your access to equipment. Going on vacation for two weeks in the mountains, and won't have access to equipment? No problem. Let your coach know in advance and they will have modifications ready to go so you never miss a beat.

Will I ever talk to anyone or "meet" my coach?

Yes! As part of our system we schedule regular virtual review and check in sessions with your coach. Depending on what program you choose this could be as often as once per week.

Are there any fees for the APP and the training?

NO! There no additional fees for the APP. We designed the app as a vehicle to allow us the ability to transmit our methods and how we apply them virtually. You only pay for the coaching, because that is how we'll create great results for you.

What happens after I sign up?

After signing up you will be directed to a page where you can create your login and set up your credentials. Then you'll be asked to fill out a medical history form and while you're busy working on those things, our team will contact you (usually within 24 hours or less) to schedule you first virtual coaching call. During the call your coach will gather some key information regarding your experience level, any physical issues you may have, as well as explain our program in a bit more detail and answer any questions you may have.

What do my workout sessions look like? How long, How often etc.?

Each training session varies depending on the needs, experience, and time availability of the individual. These factors and several others will be considered when constructing your training program.

I don't have any equipment and I don't have a gym. Can I still join?

No Worries, Our founder designed the AXON training system to produce incredible results with no special equipment, no special facilities and in a minimal amount of time. Join us and you will soon see why we have been the secret weapon of top professionals and peak performers.

Is this some generic fitness program like I've seen advertised?

Absolutely not. AXON Sport Performance has build its reputation by providing insightful cutting edged training programs derived from thousands of hours of merging science, practical application and expreience to create incredible results. Nothing we do is generic and this is no different. Your programs are custom tailored to you based on your ability, desire and goals. Whether you're a weekend warrior, in recovery from an injury or about to play the finals at Wimbledon, we've got you covered.

Outwork and outlast the competition with the AXON SPORT PERFORMANCE program. Our team of performance experts will design a program that supplements your sports training, to help you create and maintain your optimal performance environment shape.




8 Training sessions/ Month

This training package will consist of two training sessions per week.




Most Popular

12 Training sessions/ Month

This training package will consist of  three training sessions per week sessions to be completed within the same month.




Most Effective

16 Training sessions /Month

This training package will consist of four training sessions per week, to be completed within the same month.



The AXON team has found a way for me to take the intense, structured and crazy effective training they provide on the road. It's awesome!!

- Vicky Duval  WTA Professional 

  • Speed, Agility and Movement

  • Endurance Conditioning

  • Strength and Power

  • Flexibility, Balance and Core

The convenience of having access to my performance guys and my personalized training program in my pocket regardless of my location is key. Cheers for creating this mate.

- Rubin Statham ATP Professional