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Train and recover two areas or muscles groups at once.

Cut your time in half. Includes set of two split cables.

Extreme time saving innovation to be used with the i-Myo Pro.

Each cable has 4 leads allowing multiple muscle groups or regions of the body to be stimulated simultaneously.

AXON Split Leads

SKU: 36523641233499SL
  • The main difference between leads is the individual adjustability (4 different colored leads) vs using the split leads which essentially are two leads operating through one channel and therefore are not individually adjustable and all electrodes connected are increased or decreased at the same time and in the same level of intensity. 


    If you're seeking to enhance your lead wire set for spares and extras then go with the 4 wire set up however if you want to be able to train or recover more bodyparts simultaneously select the split leads as you will be able to use 4 electrodes per channel which means you could have 16 electrodes operating simultaneously vs. eight. 

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