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Making everything you do better

Speed,Strength, Recovery

improving performance


"We want to unveil the maximum amount of performance expression that each athlete’s genetics will allow" - AXON



Don’t you wish you could go rep after rep in training after fatigue has set in still able to perform? Exhausted 30 reps in you could push out another 20, another 40.  Don’t you wish after an intense training session, you could leave knowing that you can come back the next day fully recovered and do it all over again...and most times even better?




"The i-Myo Pro is AMAZING at what it does" - Juan Archuletta Pro MMA Fighter


When using conventional training systems you can’t do max effort lifts everyday. But imagine what would happen if you could.  Imagine the result if you were able to train at maximum intensity 5 - 6 days a week, and you were able to effectively recover from each of those training sessions.  How incredible would the performance outcome be when you got to the end of your 6, 8, 10, week block?  


Going ball after ball, sprint after sprint, round after round, play after play, every game because of what you could do during training that your opponents couldn’t match. You would deliver Ferrari style performances to everyone else’s Honda; the speed you possess, the acceleration without delay; the way you could control your body, breaking and cutting on demand - not to mention the way you make it all look..effortless, graceful, epic.


Both cars get you from A to B, but the Ferrari can get you there much faster, with more precision, more power more…. everything. Life’s too short for conventional training programs and slow progressions yielding mediocre results. Instead of wishing you could do it now you can.







Revolutionize your training with the device that allows you to harness the power of electricity to supercharge your performance.  The i-Myo Pro is the cornerstone of our training system.  It is an EMS device unlike any other with the unique ability to enhance our training process and magnify training stimulus.  The i-Myo Pro is able to create a dynamic and adaptive environment within the body leading to dramatic improvements in strength, speed, endurance, and recovery.  This environment when coupled with our specialized training protocols produce jaw dropping results!



A Shocking Discovery


Electricity is the body’s main communication system.  Your brain tells the rest of your body what to do through electrical signals. Signals that are sent, received, and reacted to impact every physical activity.  What does electricity have to do with training?  Everything.  The limiting factor in ALL athleticism is the speed and accuracy of these signals within the body.  Because electrical impulses are so vital to performance many have sought training using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS).  EMS is backed by numerous scientific studies given its outstanding effects on athletic performance and recovery. Many of these studies indicate that the effects of (EMS) match or exceed the results commonly found from using performance enhancing drugs (P.E.D's) without the negative side effects.



High-Intensity Training without Compensation



The i-Myo Pro is cutting edge technology which enables us to supercharge skill development by speaking directly to or bypassing the central nervous system by sending electrical impulses into the body to enhance and activate muscles more efficiently than any traditional method.  This device features a combination of electrical current and specially engineered programming that creates a seamless transition from training to competing and recovering at the push of a button.  Ultimately, the i-Myo Pro effectively boosts the electrical signals within the human body by eliciting greater contraction than the body is capable of voluntarily. This produces a greater training stimulus without the dangers of damaging the body’s connective tissue or ligaments.



A Trick and A Treat”



With our device, we are able to execute a highly productive “trick” on the human body.

The body doesn’t know the difference between actually squatting 400lbs or if it’s being artificially stimulated.  It only knows the intensity of contraction and joint positioning.  Since the intensity of contraction is the same, the response to the stimulus is the same.  The trick is the body thinks it just squatted 400lbs!!


The treat is that we get the same performance upgrade as if we actually did the work. We elicit the desired training effect without the increased risk of injury.  Because the body can’t tell that’s it’s being artificially stimulated all of the mechanisms that are in place for growth stay in place. Additionally, because we are able to bypass the body’s governors and go directly to the source we can elicit higher levels of growth than previously imagined.    


The biggest advantage here is that if necessary we are able to completely bypass the central nervous system.  Therefore, allowing the individual to train at high-intensity levels more frequently without the negative side effects that accompany it.


You may not own a Ferrari today, but you can definitely revolutionize your training to allow your body to perform like





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amazing at what it does
a shocking discovery
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