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OMG ..I'm Deaf Dumb and Blind and why you should be too.

I am Deaf, Dumb and Blind and Here's Why You Should Be Too - Coach John

I am DEAF because I have never much cared about the thoughts, commentary or opinions of those who are outside of my (personally selected) circle of influence. This hearing impairment has allowed me to function freely and clearly without the distracting noise from Monday morning quarterbacks, back seat drivers, copycats, and internet trolls who are more than happy to dedicate endless amounts of time and resources commenting on what I'm doing. I hear my inner voice almost exclusively and on the rare occasion, I'm not 100% locked into hearing it, I only hear the voices of my team.

How much time, energy, and emotional resources do you waste on listening to the opinions of others allowing those outside voices to play so loudly that they drown out your own voice? How much damage has this done to your self-esteem causing endless doubt and inner turmoil? Stop it! Learn to hear your voice then learn to listen to it.

I am DUMB because, unlike many people in my position and "status", I don't allow myself to accept that I know more than anyone else. Instead, I focus almost entirely on what I call my two A's; Acquisition and Application. I seek to acquire as much freakin' knowledge as I can and apply as much of it as I possibly can EVERY DAY! This keeps me focused on the attributes of self-growth and dedication to mastering my craft. I could care less about "status". I want to use everything I have to change the world and leave this rock better than I found it.

What drives you to do what you do? Are you doing it how you want to be doing it? Usually the gap between what and how is knowledge. Dedicate yourself to mastering your what and don't allow your hunger to be satisfied. Every day wake up hungry for growth and improvement and go to sleep full. Be full with the knowledge of having learned and applied as much as you could.

I am BLIND because in direct opposition to how we're being "conditioned" I don't have the majority of my vision blocked by mediocrity. I consciously choose to stay blind so I am free to give my full attention to the extraordinary. I want to surround myself with it because extraordinary is what reshapes the world and changes lives. So no, I didn't read that latest edition of so and so magazine because I was deciphering research that will further accelerate my team's progress and solidify our position as global leaders in human performance.

How are you utilizing your time? Are you surrounding yourself with mediocrity or the extraordinary? Are you consuming or creating? Be aware of what you consider extraordinary and decide when to consume it and when to create it. Consuming and creating are both important, but proportion is the key.

Be deaf, dumb, and blind. Hear and listen to your own voice, acquire and apply knowledge everyday, and surround yourself with the extraordinary so you too can function freely and clearly, directly increase your growth, and reshape the world. In other words...

DOMINATE don’t compete.

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